In a world dominated by mass production, Team Kimlligraphy distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to enhancing brands through personalised experiences, fostering meaningful connections between Australian businesses and their clientele.

Founded in 2022 by Kim Tran-Flores of Kimlligraphy and her husband Mark Flores, Team Kimlligraphy has rapidly emerged as the premier destination for live and in-studio personalisation services in Australia.

With a nationwide team comprising over 16 skilled calligraphers, lettering artists, engravers, creatives and problem solvers, they have solidified their reputation within a remarkably short time.

Beyond their expertise in personalisation, Team Kimlligraphy extends its offerings to include corporate workshops aimed at empowering employees through mindfulness practices.

These workshops are designed to alleviate stress, stimulate creativity, enhance productivity and promote mental well-being.

The personalisation and workshop services offered by Team Kimlligraphy are categorised under 'BizInkFlow'.

What truly sets Team Kimlligraphy apart is their trifold dedication to creativity, technology and results. They uphold core values rooted in delivering exceptional quality, providing excellent customer service, ensuring reliability and exuding a genuine passion for their craft.

Their commitment to professionalism and service excellence is unparalleled.

In addition to their core offerings, they provide an array of supplementary services, including highlight videos, live acoustic music and photography packages, designed to capture and enhance the excitement of their clients' events.


© 2023 Team Kimlligraphy. All Right Reserved.

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© 2023 Team Kimlligraphy.

All Right Reserved.

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