4 Ways Big Companies Can Approach Live Calligraphy Personalisation At Scale

Achieving calligraphy personalisation at scale for live events is something that businesses can overlook.

If you’re a small company, you can usually tailor personalisation efforts more precisely due to a smaller, well-defined audience.

But for large companies that attract thousands of people, a one-size-fits-all is much easier to scale but poses a challenge to the efficiency of personalisation.

What sets Kimlligraphy apart and what positions us as the premiere calligraphy personalisation service in Australia is our ability to handle large demands and volume while delivering a quality of personalisation that satisfies both the business and their guests or customers.

Here are 4 tips you can consider to approach calligraphy personalisation for events at scale:

1. Standardise The Delivery

Standardisation is developing a set of rules and guidelines to follow.

For example, during the festive season, stores give their customers an opportunity to personalise their Xmas products with a name, a favourite word, limited to x number of characters.

Or they might even limit the options to have either 'Merry Xmas' or 'Happy New Year' engraved - certain words that are allowed and not allowed.

At Kimlligraphy, we've worked with clients that prefer to use more of a 'sans serif' or minimalistic type of calligraphy without the flourishing and cursive style since they're expecting a majority of male attendees.

Standardisation is also advantageous since people want personalisation, not a wide range of choices that lead to decision fatigue, hence it enables the consumer experience to be built quickly and easily.

Standardisation can certainly work on many occasions.

However, it's important to keep in mind that although standardisation can provide a personalised experience at scale, strict standardisation hinders creativity and affect the customer or end-user experience significantly.

Consider where you would like to sit on the personalisation scale (see below), from providing a one-size-fits-all, strict standardisation approach (easier to scale) to a hyper-personalisation, custom approach (harder to scale).

The Personalisation Scale

The Personalisation Scale

2. Add more artists

Utilising more artists at events enhances scalability by increasing the capacity to handle personalisation requests, reducing wait times, and offering customisation to cater to varied guest preferences. 

It allows for simultaneous engagement across multiple event areas, ensures continuity of service, and adds to the event's dynamic atmosphere. 

Besides adding more artists, consider including a team member to support sales, engage with customers, and direct them to the personalisation area. This sometimes overlooked aspect can greatly impact your event, especially if attendance is high.

This approach effectively manages larger crowds, enhances the guest experience, and provides a broader range of personalised items, making the event more memorable and engaging.

3. Consider Pre-Orders

For instance, imagine you're anticipating approximately 500 guests with only a limited time frame for live personalisation.

Expanding the artist team is an option, but if budget constraints are a concern, a more economical approach could involve dividing the personalisation task.

For instance, 400 could be done live on-site while the remaining 100 or so could be handled in-studio.

Implementing partial in-studio personalisation can enhance efficiency and alleviate on-site pressure.

This strategy works well if you can take pre-orders by having a list of expected or confirmed guests/attendees, or if you can prepare the words or sentences you want personalised in advance.

Such an approach minimises wait times, allowing calligraphers to concentrate on interactions and deliver high-quality work promptly, thereby enabling effective management of larger events.

4. Work with an agency

Working with a calligraphy agency with a nationwide team like Kimlligraphy facilitates the scaling of live personalisation at events by ensuring consistent quality, broad geographic reach, and reliable availability. 

This setup allows for efficient allocation of local calligraphers, reducing travel costs and enabling simultaneous coverage of multiple events. 

Centralised coordination and extensive experience ensure smooth operations, while the ability to quickly scale and provide backup personnel enhances reliability. 

This nationwide presence also supports consistent brand representation and offers cost efficiencies, making it a strategic choice for delivering memorable, personalised experiences at events across the country.

In our experience, scalability streamlines logistics, reduces costs, and optimises resources, leading to faster delivery and improved event flow. 

Ultimately, it increases attendee engagement and supports strategic goals by promoting brand loyalty and operational efficiency.

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