Established in December 2017 by wife-and-husband duo Kim Tran-Flores and Mark Flores, Kimlligraphy began by hosting workshops to promote the benefits of modern calligraphy and mindfulness throughout Sydney, Australia.

Seeking to expand beyond their local reach, they launched an online program in 2020 called Kimmunity, which has since trained over 500 students worldwide.

Recognising the unique value of beautiful writing in enhancing customer satisfaction, engagement, and brand growth, Kimlligraphy transformed into a nationwide calligraphy agency in 2022, becoming the premier destination for live and in-studio calligraphy personalisation in Australia.

Experiential personalisation is at the heart of Kimlligraphy.

Whilst digital personalisation utilises vast amounts of data and fancy tech to individualise the mass experience, a key challenge persists:

Maintaining an authentic human touch in an increasingly digital world.

Experiential personalisation addresses this challenge by focusing on creating unique, memorable experiences tailored to individual attendees in real-time or based on their preferences, needs, or characteristics.

At Kimlligraphy, we bring art and creativity into the mix through physical and human interaction using hand techniques such as pointed pen calligraphy, hand-lettering, hand-foil embossing, hand-engraving, digital lettering and product painting.

We’ve assisted over 190 high-profile brands like MECCA, Meta, Dusk and PwC to elevate events and VIP gifting through our proven, results-focused ‘BizInkFlow’ blueprint, while also enhancing team bonding through our corporate workshops.

With a growing national team of over 30 skilled calligraphers, lettering artists, engravers, creatives, and problem solvers
across multiple locations, we are able to deliver personalisation at scale unlike many of our competitors.

Kimlligraphy also provides several value-added services, including highlight videos, live acoustic music, and photography packages designed to capture and enhance the excitement of client events.

We warmly invite you to experience Kimlligraphy and witness the unique value that calligraphy personalisation brings to transforming the mass experience into an individualised experience that enhances customer satisfaction, engagement, and brand growth.


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