Welcome to our BizInkFlow Blueprint applied by over 190 brands in Australia.

BizInkFlow is our unique blueprint that is both a creative and strategic approach to experiential personalisation that drives desirable outcomes for our clients like MECCA and Dusk.

We work backwards with your main objectives, breaking that down into measurable metrics before we move on to the scope and deliveries so we are truly aligned to your desirable outcomes.

The launch phases of the BizInkFlow blueprint are initiated by our senior team with a deep knowledge and experience in creative direction, event planning/coordinating, marketing, communications and branding. The scope is then delivered by our multi-talented, multi-cultural team of creatives and problem-solvers.

Research shows that:


Consumers say they're more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalisation. (McKinsey)


Consumers say they’ll become repeat customers after a personalised shopping experience. (Twilio Segment)


Marketers consider customer experience to be one of personalisation’s top benefits. (Adobe)

What is Experiential Personalisation and it’s main purpose?

Personalisation in general is often associated with online shopping, entertainment, communication and also in the context of social care.

The key to personalisation is to transform the mass experience into an individualised experience.

While digital personalisation provides data-driven customisation in online environments, experiential personalisation offers deep, memorable experiences through physical and human interaction.

As a result, businesses can make their customers feel valued and understood in the real world, rather than just another face in the crowd.

Our BizInkFlow approach can lead to stronger customer loyalty, better engagement, and ultimately driving better outcomes for both the individual and the organisation.

Personalised Event Experiences That Last

Take for example, organisations and companies that run events as a strategic tool for growth, engagement, and positioning in the marketplace.

How do you cut through the noise and offer something truly unique and memorable when you keep doing the same, overdone ideas to create a personalised experience? It’s not uncommon to -

  • Ask people for their dietary requirements
  • Give away tote bags
  • Organise seat preferences
  • Create generic name tags
  • Do a Q&A
  • Hire an entertainer

Have you ever walked away from an event with a bunch of business cards, notebook, pens, etc that you’re going to throw away anyway or forget about?

Now, imagine something as simple as a pen, or a notebook or even a bottle of wine that’s been personalised with your name or a message that YOU’VE chosen using beautiful penmanship, whether it’s done with a calligraphy pen, or it’s been engraved, or hand-foiled or even an illustration that’s been painted on it - all done by hand and you get to witness it being created?

The result is something truly unique, not mass produced or done by machine.

Wouldn’t you treasure that? You’d hold on to it as a memorable keepsake, show it off to your friends and rave about the business you got it from!

And that’s our specialty at Kimlligraphy.

We bridge history and the modern age by combining beautiful calligraphy (one of the oldest artforms that can be traced back to the 4th century) with the benefits of personalisation and hand customisation to become the premier destination for live and in-studio personalisation services in Australia.

Bridging Ancient Traditions with Modern Business

The concept of personalisation in business can be traced back thousands of years to ancient civilisations.

Back then, traders used handwritten signs and friendly greetings as a means to set themselves apart, signify quality, and foster repeat business.

During the Middle Ages (9th-15th centuries), personalisation became synonymous with craftsmanship, as artisans tailored their creations to meet the unique preferences of their clientele such as knights who wore family crests for recognition on the battle field and society.

The 19th century ushered the golden age of mass advertising, then radio/TV/print media in the 20th century - so with all that noise, businesses sought ways to maintain a personal connection with their audience so we started sending out direct mails, sweet greeting cards, and special deals just for you, making you feel like they really got you.

Retails evolved to offer personal shopping perks and loyalty programs.

With the dawn of the internet age, businesses got a goldmine of info about customers and tons of ways to talk to them - Email marketing, social media, and online shops made it easy for brands to chat with folks instantly, albeit at scale.

But even with all the fancy tech, there was still a problem: how to maintain a human touch in a digital world.

By infusing experiential personalisation into branding and marketing efforts, businesses can

tap into the deep-seated human desire for connection and individualised attention.

Reviving Authentic Connection Through Live Calligraphy

Moreover, in the age of data-driven marketing and automation, live calligraphy represents a return to authenticity and genuine connection. It conveys a sense of care and thoughtfulness that cannot be replicated by mass-produced or automated messages.

By investing in live calligraphy personalisation, businesses demonstrate their commitment to cultivating meaningful relationships with their audience, transcending the digital divide and forging lasting connections in an increasingly impersonal world.

We also take pride in helping preserve the value of penmanship where a majority of schools no longer require handwriting to be a fundamental part of their curriculum.

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